John Fuller started his photography in late 2003 from his base in South London. Armed with no formal photographic training but a longstanding interest in fetish and the rubber clad female form, he worked with a few local models, using clothes hired from London based clothing manufacturer Libidex. Over a short period of time John has photographed some notable models working in the fetish industry both from the UK and abroad. However John’s enthusiasm for the subject isn’t just concentrated on creating his images, as he is also involved in the fetish scene as a whole.

Working predominately in black and white, which captures the mood and essence of the clothing and the models, John produces images that show the varied look of the fetish scene in an artistic and aesthetically pleasing manner.

 John employs relaxed and informal working style during his shoots to produce a relaxed and natural look from the models. On one occasion he dressed himself in a skin-tight rubber outfit, on the request of the model. This fun and laid back attitude whilst working does not stop him taking his work seriously and the utmost care and attention goes into creating his images.

 All of John’s work is displayed on the website, which he created and designed himself, and launched in June 2004. Since then John’s portfolio has increased and he now produces his own prints for sale, some of which were shown in public at Kinkfest. Recently he has joined both the Guild of Erotic Artists and the Association of Erotic Artists so that his work can be brought to a wider audience. 

John’s future plans are to expand his portfolio with even more striking images of the beautiful and fascinating subject matter that is fetish. John also looking to take on commissions for fetish orientated private clients and to have his work in some of the fetish magazines such as Skin Two and Secret.

Recently John has been photographing in fetish clubs in London, Paris and Rome. Starting out in smaller venues he has progressed to capturing the variety of personalities that frequent such clubs as Subversion, Torture Garden and the Skin Two Rubber Ball. All club photographs are done for the London Fetish Scene website and are linked to that particular site via the events section.